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Bringing Vision to Reality: Cityscape 2023 Puts Spotlight on Sustainability and Digital Transformation

September 22, 2023

Cityscape is set to return from 14th-16th November, 2023 at the Exhibition World Bahrain. This year’s edition will be supported by The Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Bahrain (RERA) as part of their ongoing efforts to enhance and expand the Kingdom’s real estate sector, in unison with larger plans to diversify the economy towards non-oil sectors as depicted by the Economic Vision 2030.

The most anticipated regional real estate and property conference and exhibition in the Kingdom announces the theme for this year’s conference: Sustainability & Digital Transformation in Real Estate.

Set against a backdrop of industry evolution and rapid technological advancement, visitors will gain an exclusive look into the region's real estate market, while being exposed to innovative developments that incorporate the latest technologies and align with the sustainable benchmarks of the future. 

The conference, which is supported by several national bodies, will offer over 20 hours of content from 30 plus speakers, delving into a plethora of topics centered around the core theme of sustainability and digital transformation. Speakers will include various stakeholders from the real estate sector including c-level executives, government officials, architects, consultants amongst many others. Attendees will gain valuable insights into core areas that are becoming increasingly critical when dealing with the markets of the future and which are part of the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030.

Alongside the conference, the Cityscape Exhibition will take visitors to the heart of the region's property market. Standing as a beacon for investors, industry professionals, and real estate enthusiasts alike, the exhibition provides a unique platform to engage with the region's preeminent developers, trailblazing architects, and influential real estate figures. Bringing together the top performers of the real estate industry, the exhibition is set to showcase a host of the largest and the most innovative regional real estate projects under one roof. Furthermore, Cityscape is set to uphold its position as premier exhibition, showcasing the latest in luxury living and high-end developments. The exhibition is known to present various opportunities for those looking to invest in the real estate sector with options from going from large scale developments to single units.

Last year’s successful event welcomed over 10,000 projects with approximately 689 properties sold in just four days at a total value of BD 101 Million. Additionally, the event featured the launch of 7 new real estate projects in the Kingdom.

Cityscape Bahrain 2023 marks yet another important milestone in Bahrain’s commitment to  accelerating the growth and development of the local and regional real estate sector.